Secrets to Inner Tranquility Retreat

Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit

WAIV Retreats is a partnership between Mindful Body with Soul and A Better Way to Fitness & Wellness

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WAIV RETREATS introduce balance and knowledge as cornerstones of your health.
Our goal is to provide you with the information, techniques, and confidence you need to live the healthiest, happiest life you desire.

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Secrets to Inner Tranquility

Wholistic, Alternative, Integrative Vitality!

Today’s world requires us to be more proactive with our health. Relying solely on doctors is not enough. WAIV Retreats will teach you the best ways to reach your goals, incorporate alternative healing into your life, and empower you to be your best healer. 

Jennifer & Lisa, Founders

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Our retreats create a space to fuse with like-minded individuals.

Let the WAIV take you to Inner Tranquility


offers you a day to relax, eat well, learn cutting edge ways to stay healthy, reduce stress, and feel good in your body. Learn, share, and create ideas for a healthier, happier you.

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Secrets to Inner Tranquility
Balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit
Saturday, May 14, 2022
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Kentlands at Sans-Souci, Berryville VA


Start your journey to peace, balance, and inner awareness. Come alone or bring a friend. Either way you will surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm to explore alternative approaches to health.


This one day event will provide you with all you need to recharge your energy and renew your health.

  • Learn how to feel the best in your body, and who you are beyond your physical body.

  • Learn about your immune system and what you can do to strengthen it from a Naturopathic and energetic perspective.

  • Get your muscles feeling their best with a MELT session and a Yoga session.

  • Enjoy a healthy catered lunch while mingling with like minded individuals.

  • Learn breathing techniques that you will use in everyday life for stress and digestion.

  • Learn Yoga poses specific for balancing each Chakra.

  • Take the confusion out of meditating! You will learn some techniques to control the monkey

    mind and how to succeed at meditating.

  • Two guided mediations will be done throughout the day to fill you with powerful creative


  • After a busy day, you will be nurtured in a beautiful sound bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

We hope you will join us!

Happiness and Health,

Jen and Lisa


We are so excited for the return of WAIV Retreats—our first opportunity in two years to bring together our like-minded people for a day of relaxation and education. We want you to know that we take your health and safety seriously and will implement many measures to ensure that you have a positive and comfortable experience from start to finish.


Those measures include:

  • All attendees must have a negative COVID test at least 24 hours prior to event

  • Limited capacity to allow for plenty of space between attendees

  • Sanitization stations throughout the venue

  • Encouraging the use of Face masks

  • We will continue to follow guidelines put forth by the CDC, Loudoun County and the host venue.


Our commitment is to provide our attendees with the safest and healthiest in-person environment for you to learn and thrive.


Retreat - $444


Please give directly to either Lisa or Jennifer. Call/text/email first to discuss a time for drop off.    703-737-0341   or   571-528-7222.


Please mail to 100 Dry Mill Rd, Suite 102, Leesburg, VA 20175.


Please click below to register and buy your ticket online.



Thanks for Joining the WAIV!


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Jennifer Merritts, INHC, CMT, BA 

Jennifer founded her healing center, Mindful Body with Soul and has been helping her clients since 1997.

“My focus is to help people feel better in their bodies through the use of energy healing, chakra balancing, Spiritual Health Coaching, and muscle therapy. My passion is Spirituality and I have been studying with mentors/teachers since I was a teenager. As a Spiritual Health Coach, I help my clients find balance in their lives by unpacking things like relationships, career, emotions, and hardships from a spiritual perspective. Understanding who you are from this vantage point can lead to clarity, balance, and joy. Start at the core of your being and all else will fall into place.

I grew up in the remote mountains of NY, and spent all my time in untouched nature, walked barefoot on the earth, bathed in moonlight, ate from an organic garden, raised chickens, laughed a lot, and let go of the day when my head hit the pillow. I was free of gadgets and social media.

Immersed in nature and sensitive to my surroundings, I experienced a part of the natural world that many do not. I was very aware of the Universal Energy that touched every part of life; the same energy that all individuals are touched by on a daily basis. I understood the world from a different perspective and from this I developed clairsentience and claircognizance, two wonderful gifts I use in my daily work.”

Jennifer is also certified in Abdominal Therapy, Sound Baths, and is currently working on her Yoga Teacher Training Certificate with Siddhi Yoga School.

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Lisa Atkinson, ND

Dr. Lisa Atkinson opened A Better Way to Fitness in 2000 as a personal exercise therapist. Lisa began working with a Naturopath, who inspired her to pursue her own doctorate in Naturopathy.


 Dr. Atkinson is a Naturopath and certified Medical Exercise Specialist.  She has been practicing for the past 20 years and focuses on finding the underlying cause of symptoms and helping to re-balance the body through homeopathic and herbal remedies and whole food nutrition.  

This past year, Dr. Atkinson has completed the Level I Instructor training for the MELT Method and has been conducting classes in MELT.

Dr. Atkinson received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine from the University of Massachusetts in 1994 and began work as a personal trainer and exercise therapist helping clients to use exercise as medicine. 


Dr. Atkinson has dedicated her practice to educating clients about the body and designing programs that work for the individual. Her philosophy is that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the right tools: nutrition, homeopathy, exercise. She helps patients understand how to tune into their own bodily needs to find lasting wellness.